People, caught (suspended) in a web of consequences (significance)


Pierre Bourdieu

Mike Bloomberg

George W. Bush

Michel Foucault

Edward Kennedy

Joe Klein

Jill Koyama

Ray McDermott

Jean-Claude Passeron


Hervé Varenne

(and the many people who must remain anonymous whom Jill Koyama met during her fieldwork)


People in search of an author (spider)?

"characters who have been written into a script that remains incomplete" (McDermott and Aron 1978)

not what these people know, believe, or have attitude towards, but their positions-so-far as the look for what to do next (find an author? re-write the play?)

Bourdieu & Passeron (1977 [1970]: 5) Foucault (1978 [1975]:189) McDermott on Rosa NCLB legislation link to Successful Failure