Rosa can't read

  1. "Who could read page 4?"
  2. "I could!"
Rosa could read it

Acting to save a child

  1. The preamble of the NCLB act
  2. defining who may provide services
en-acting NCLB

Failing at being a School In Need of Improvement

  1. "We are a successful SINI that is failing"
  2. "Let's pretend and act as if we were failing.  We know how to do this and, anyway the Feds are paying!"
failing at failure

Failing at succeeding

  1. "why are parent not happy that their kids now attend a successful school?"
  2. "Why don't they understand that parents work and that SES tutoring means the children stay in school longer?"

Providing help to States and localities to help save children

  1. Who can be a "Supplemental Education Services" provider?
  2. Making the list of NY State approved SES providers
who can be SES providers

And so

the rise of the complex

Passing as providing services

  1. What to do when, and how to bill
  2. Relabeling funds

Passing tutors

  1. testing and its consequences
  1. Selling one's services
    1. to principals (Chapter VI)
    2. to parents (??)
  2. 37.5 minutes of instruction (Chapter VI)
  3. Counterfit enrollment forms (Chapter VII)