In brief:

"There are no Americans in the United States." (Varenne 1987: 391).


"All human beings on the planet are at risk of being held accountable for (not) being American." (Varenne 1987: 391).

Short development:

When I write about "America" I write about institutions like the Supreme Court whose rulings cannot be escaped by any one who happens to be on the territory of the United States (whether citizen, all of residents with various kinds of visas, as well as those without visas or other documentation).

When I write about "America" I also write about the controversies that lead institutions to rule, and rule again (on matters like abortion, affirmation action, marriage, guns, etc.).

When I write about "America" I write about whatever is referenced when writers for the New York Times (as exemplar of the serious "progressive"), or writers for First Things (as exemplar of the serious "conservative"), write that "we [are headed for catastrophy]."

And again:

I now wish I had titled my first book Together in America (rather than Americans Together)

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By 2023, when planning research, or advising students planning research in the United States, I'd say :

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