Front matter

Foreword to the series

  1. Introduction, by Linda Lin (Institute for Urban and Minority Education, Teachers College) -- [final]

Part I. From Theory to Practice: Comprehensive Approaches to Education

  1. Framing Intellective Identities, Intellective Characters, and Epistemic Values, by Jim Greeno (University of Pittsburgh) [final]
  2. Targeting Literacy to Address Educationally Relevant Health Disparities, by Mesha Ellis and Ron Braithwaite (Morehouse School of Medicine) [final]
  3. Black Males, "Church," and Supplementary Education: General Consideration by David Wall Rice, Brenda Wall, William Marcel Hayes, and the Morehouse Identity Stasis Lab (Morehouse College) [final]
  4. Inheritance and an Economy of Difference: The Importance of Supplementary Education, by Ezekiel J. Dixon-Román (University of Pennsylvania) [final]
  5. Opportunities Industrialization Centers: Collective Cultural Capital, Philanthropy, and Public-Private Partnerships in the Provision of Supplementary Education, by V. P. Franklin (University of California, Riverside) [final]
  6. The Eagle Academy for Young Men: An Exemplar of the Comprehensive Practice of Education, by Carol Bonilla-Bowman (Ramapo College) and Edmund W. Gordon (Yale, Teachers College) [final]
  7. The Harlem Children’s Zone: An “All Hands on Deck” Approach to Transforming Education and Community , by Betina Jean-Louis (Harlem Children’s Zone), Katherine Shoemaker (Harlem Children’s Zone) and Edmund W. Gordon (Yale, Teachers College) [final]

Part II. Irrepressible, Untamable Education: Education as Human Activity

  1. Supplemental Educational Services (SES): NCLB’s Extended School Day, by Jill Koyama (Teachers College) [final]
  2. Framing Youth Civic Participation: Technical, Pragmatic, and Political Learning, by Angela Booker (University of California, Davis) [final]
  3. Education in Harlem Community Gardens -- by Linda Lin (Center for Everyday Education, Teachers College) [final]
  4. Family Inheritance: Parallel Practices of Financial Responsibility in Families, by Lee Martin (University of California, Davis) and Shelley Goldman (Stanford University) -- [final]
  5. Becoming (Known as) a Hindu Pandit in Queens, by Michele Verma (Rice University) -- [final]
  6. A Modern Mexica Paideia: Learning through the Construction of a Calpulli, by Tlahuatollini Ernesto Colín Alvarez (Stanford University) [final]


  1. Facing the power of education, comprehensively, by Hervé Varenne (Teachers College, Columbia University) -- [final]
  2. A Re-conptualization of education by Edmund W. Gordon (Teachers College, Columbia University) -- [final]