[all classes meet from 7:20 to 9:00 somewhere in Dodge]

September 9th -- Setting up and planning: all students should attend

September 16th -- Constraints and Possibilities in the anthropological imagination -- Introduction

Foucault, Michel Discipline and punish. New York: Penguin Books. 1978 [1975]. Parts II & III.


September 23rd -- Intersticial meanings

Varenne, Mullooly, Sabin and Stratton "On education" n.p.

September 30th -- Complex cultural facts

Durkheim, Emile Elementary forms of the religious life. Tr. by K. Fields. New York: The Free Press1995 [1912]. (pp. 1-44, 84-168, 418-448.) (read translator introduction only after you have read the book)

October 7th -- Dissertation advisement:

Adely, Fida "Adolescent girls in Jordan."

October 14th -- Artifice and consciousness -- Modeling the analysis of the conditions of the artificial as jointly produced fact; violence and assymetry;

Bourdieu and Passeron "Introduction" to Reproduction

October 21th -- Working the systems

De Certeau The practice of everyday life. Berkeley: University of California Press. 1984 [1980]

a compatible piece illustrating what can be gained by looking for antipanoptic practices:
Miller, Daniel "Appropriating the state on the council estate," Man, 23: 353-372, 1986

October 28th-- Dissertation advisement

Walkley, Susan "Back pain in New York City"

November 4th-- (Deep) Play -- the possible, unpredictably

Boon, James Verging on extra-vagance ( Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1999) [Preface, Chapters 1,2,4,6,10,13]

November 11th -- Cultural facts, again

Garfinkel, Harold Ethnomethodology's program (chapters on instruction

  related works by Garfinkel:
  Agnes and passing as a woman (from Studies in Ethnomethodology 1967)
  "A conception of, and experiments with, 'trust' as a condition of
stable concerted actions." (1963)
  "Conditions of Successful Degradation Ceremonies." (1972)

November 18th --NO CLASS -- AAA Meetings in San Francisco

November 25 -- THANKSGIVING

December 2nd -- Policing and instructing agents -- Towards a new analysis of the panopticon as community of practice

Favret-Saada Witchcraft in the bocage

December 9th-- Dissertation advisement and guest

Vasudevan, Lalitha "

African American adolescent boys telling stories"

December 16th-- Dissertation advisement and guest

Lo, Christina "Buddhist nuns in Taiwan"

December 11th -- Dissertation advisement