Foreword by George and Louise Spindler ix
Preface xiii
Introduction by Hervé Varenne 1
 Part I
Telling America Editor's Introduction
Creating America by Hervé Varenne 15
Doing the Anthropology of America by Hervé Varenne 34
Part II: 
 Crafting America Editor's Introduction 49
Freedom to Choose: Symbols and Values in American Advertising by William O. Beeman 52
The Story of Bond,  by Lee Drummond 66
Part III
Improvising America Editor's Introduction    93 
The Melting Pot: Symbolic Ritual or Total Social Fact?  by Milton Singer  97  
The Los Angeles Jews' "Walk for Solidarity": Parade, Festival, Pilgrimage,  by Barbara Myerhoff and Stephen Mongulla  119
Part IV:   
Resolving America  Editor's Introduction  139
History, Faith, and Avoidance,   by Carol Greenhouse  142
The Discourse of the Dorm: Race, Friendship, and "Culture" among College Youth,  by Michael Moffatt  159 
Part V:
 Doing America  Editor's Introduction  181
Why a "Slut" Is a "Slut": Cautionary Tales of Middle-Class Teenage Girls' Morality,  by Joyce Canaan  184 
10   "Drop in Anytime": Community and Authenticity in American Everyday Life, by Hervé Varenne  209 
Epilogue:  On the Anthropology of America,  by John Caughey  229 
Notes   251
References    263
The Contributors  277 
Subject index 279
Author Index  287


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