This conference provides a forum for new scholars in anthropology and education to present their research. Our collective goal is to push further a theory of education that does not reduce educative processes to those of schooling or individual learning. We will be traveling around the world, entering a variety of settings and hearing about different kinds of people, all of whom, we argue, are co-participants in their education. We will go to Brazil, Thailand, Sweden, New Zealand, and the United States). We will hear maids, adolescent girls, aging women, politicians, teachers and administrators, trying to get each other to change their participation in families, hospitals, museums, schools. We are particularly concerned with the everyday processes through which people, together, seek to transform their conditions through explicit conversations, instructions, and other modes of active inscription. The papers will illustrate the usefulness of this stance.


PARTICIPANTS (with links to their papers):

Grey Gundaker (College of William and Mary); Tracy Johnson (Development and Training Services, Inc); Ingrid Seyer-Ochi (University of California, Berkeley); Lesley Bartlett (Teachers College, Columbia University); Portia Sabin (South Puget Sound Community College); James Mullooly (California State University, Fresno); Anne Lorimer (Reed College); Alison Stratton (Quinnipiac University); Ilana Geshon (Emerson College).



George Bond (Teachers College, Columbia University); Ofelia Garcia (Teachers College, Columbia University); Robert McClintock (Teachers College, Columbia University); R.P. McDermott (Stanford University)