How to read this project

This presentation of interactional research from a cultural anthropologist with interests in social theory is designed to be read in two major ways while allowing other ways.

The main thread is a series of pages specifically linked through the use of "NEXT" and "PREV" buttons. This allows for a reading that approximates that of a scholarly paper. Each page is somewhat equivalent to a subsection of such a paper, with the difference that each page is treated as relatively more independent from the preceding page than would happen if they were stringed together in print. This is intended to allow for entry into the substance of the overall presentation from almost any page.

Each page contains cross-links through various other matters, some directly related to aspects of the presentation (somewhat on the model of "footnotes" in a scholarly paper), and some of more general interest. Most common are links to discussions of the work of the authors mentioned in the paper that goes beyond what would be found in footnotes, to extended introductions to major concepts.

More importantly, any of the pages that contain references to parts of the transcript are linked to the larger parts of the transcript within which the quoted piece is taken. These pages are themselves organized to emphasize different aspects of the record: the sound track, the visual track, etc.

If one should get lost one can click on "Doctors" at the bottom left of the page. This brings one back to the title page.

January 30, 1999