Naming the event

Note that none of these naming practices name the political responses, or the popular responses to these responses, that were triggered when people started dying in unusual numbers from various conditions triggered by a body's response to the virus. These naming practices hide the fact that the virus is not solely a personal health issues, nor even a public health issue since dealing with these health issues require social and cultural action (including naming that which triggers the action).

Thus I name the socio-cultural responses "Corona" while abbreviating "SARS-CoV-2" as "C19."

An aspect of this naming involves modes of qualifying "the times." The "times" is an indexical form that assumes an interpretive act by the recipient without revealing much about the speaker's position regarding what is causing "the times" or whether policies are appropriate. This is a more or less deliberate attempt to remain vague as to what causes "these times" to be ...