I started what are now the several thousand pages (according to Dreamweaver) of my web site in the late 1990s.

Over the now more than two decades, I have received help from many sources I want to thank here, even though I fear I will forget many.

Early on, I received a Dean's Grants for Faculty in the Use of Technology in Teaching (1996-7). I was also first helped with technical matters and editing by I want to thank Fenton Li, James Mullooly, Carly Hutchinson. In the many years that followed, I have received even more help by, to name but a few, Paul Acquaro, Dan Porter, Gus Andrews. In 2017-18, Angelique Olmo did much work on the area of the site concerning my field work and the publication of Americans Together.


Technical issues

I try to keep this site usable for people who must use text-based browsers (e.g. Lynx) but I also try to explore possibilities in keeping with the experimental nature of this site.

Generally, the site is best viewed with the latest version of the main browsers (though I have a preference for what is, in 2018, Firefox).

I also used various scripts offered for public use by people at the following sites (whom I also want to thank for making minimally funded efforts like mine possible.):