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(All are on TC reserve. You may want to purchase the starred items. They are available at Amazon)

* Abu-Lughod Remaking Women
* Adely Gendered paradoxes
* Garfinkel Ethnomethodology's program
Garfinkel Studies in Ethnomethodology
* Geertz The interpretation of cultures
* Gershon Down and out in the new economy  
* Holland Identity and agency in cultural worlds
* Koyama Making failure pay
* Latour, Bruno Reassembling the social
* Lévi-Strauss The savage mind
* Lévi-Strauss Totemism


all articles are available on line either through my site, TC library (you must be registered in one of my classes to have access to these) , or the Columbia e-journal collections (you will have to identify yourself and use your password to get to these when accessing the material from a non-Columbia computer)



  • through my site:
  • through TC library
    • Comitas "The Social Nexus of Ganja in Jamaica."  
    • McDermott "A century of Margaret Mead." Teachers College Record 103:843-867. 2000