About all required readings are available on line (as long as they are in the public domain) both through the course of web site (open to all) and through Canvas (you must be registered in one of my classes to have access to these -- click on "Pages").

simple, alphabetical list



(These are not available electronically but are available though the TC library. The library should be open this Fall under various restrictions. Those who are not in New York City may have not alternataive but to purchase them. They are available at Amazon)

Garfinkel Ethnomethodology's program
Geertz The interpretation of cultures
Graeber & Wengrow The dawn of everything
Holland Identity and agency in cultural worlds
Koyama Making failure pay
Latour, Bruno Reassembling the social
Lévi-Strauss The savage mind
Lévi-Strauss Totemism


Some of the recommended articles may not be linked to a public source. Note that some of them may be available through Butler Library, the Columbia library system to which you also have access.