ITSF5003 Culture and Communication

Spring 1998


[I asked the three questions at the end of the semester. Here is a sample of the answers I received

1) What would you tell students considering the course that is not included in the course description or other material?

I think that students should be prepared for a long theoretical trip.

Be prepared to read widely

The course is lots of work, but I believe worth it.

The class is more of theory-based than of practicality-based.

Be very creative as well as inquisitive with the professor to get what you want out of the class. Readings are very eclectic so find your interest and ride with it.

2) What can you tell me about what worked well, and what worked not so well about any aspect of the course?

The lecture material was good, but there was often difficulty in generating discussion.

The website was useful.

The readings were tied in very effectively with the lectures. The web page and the videos supported the theory.

Having the notes on the web works well

I thought some of the readings were excellent choices. I would have preferred a more Q & A atmosphere instead of the lecture style.

I enjoyed the freedom of flexibility in regard to paper topics.

Bag the newsgroup.

Keep the "muti-media" presentation.

Sometimes it was difficult to understand the full scope of reading materials before coming into the class.

I found the readings very interesting and the class notes on the web were helpful in focusing on important points in the reading. I wish we had discussed some of the optional readings in class as well.

What worked not so well: the lectures were fascinating, but at times I wished we had stayed closer to the outlines on the web and covered the readings in a more thorough way.

3) Specifically, what can you tell me about the usefulness of what was placed on the Web.

The newsgroup is a great idea, I think it was not used as much, especially in regards to class readings was that some of the readings were difficult.

Class notes were very useful.

The notes were helpful, but I didn't feel engaged to participate in any of the web discussions.

Found it quite useful it was good "scaffolding" for the lecture and the readings.

last modified on December 1, 1998