There are three main requirements:

  1. Every week starting on the second week, all students are expected to bring to class two questions or comments, one about the preceding class and one about the required reading. I will ask two or more students to ask their question or comment. This is intended to spark conversation.
  2. write three short papers (about 5 pages) about the readings of the preceding three weeks. These papers can be based on the study questions included at the end of each set of lecture notes, or on the questions the student has been asking. The papers will be due on the fourth (2/13), eighth (3/13) and eleventh week of the course (4/10)
  3. write a longer paper (10 to 15 pages) on a topic of the student's choice. This paper can develop themes addressed in the short papers.
Note that I need hard copies of all these papers.

(a cautionary note on the impossibility of writing instructions about requirements)

IN Incomplete. The grade of Incomplete is to be assigned only when the course attendance requirement has been met but, for reasons satisfactory to the instructor, the granting of a final grade has been postponed because certain course assignments are outstanding. If the outstanding assignments are completed within one calendar year from the date of the close of term in which the grade of Incomplete was received and a final grade submitted, the final grade will be recorded on the permanent transcript, replacing the grade of Incomplete, with a transcript notation indicating the date that the grade of Incomplete was replaced by a final grade.

If the outstanding work is not completed within one calendar year from the date of the close of term in which the grade of Incomplete was received, the grade will remain as a permanent Incomplete on the transcript. In such instances, if the course is a required course or part of an approved program of study, students will be required to re-enroll in the course including repayment of all tuition and fee charges for the new registration and satisfactorily complete all course requirements. If the required course is not offered in subsequent terms, the student should speak with the faculty advisor or Program Coordinator about their options for fulfilling the degree requirement. Doctoral students with six or more credits with grades of Incomplete included on their program of study will not be allowed to sit for the certification exam.