Paul Byers



Rhythms of Communication: An introduction to my research


Born:  Pittsburg, Kansas, March 14, 1920.
Two children.

Before Academic Life

1937-38   Undergraduate, Kansas State Teachers College.

1938-49   Undergraduate, University of Chicago.

1940      Residence (6 months) in Mexico.  Writing.

1940-41   Reporter, City Press, Chicago.  Six months.

1942-46   U.S. Navy.  Communication Specialist.  Cryptanalyst
          in Washington, D.C. and Melbourne, Australia.

1946-53   Residence in Australia (with family).

1946-50   Full time music study (piano) in Melbourne.

1950-51   Editor, Adult Education Publications, Commonwealth
          Office of Education,Commonwealth of Australia,
          Sydney.  Job description:  "to plan and execute a
          programme of Australianization for European  
          migrants to Australia."

1951-52   Staff Writer, People Magazine.  Sydney, Australia.

1952-53   Free-lance photographer in Australia.

1953      Residence in Belgrade, Jugoslavia.  Photographer
          with Jugo-Foto.  Six months.

1953-64   Free-lance photographer in U.S. with emphasis on
          work             with behavioral scientists.

                     Higher Education

1959-61   Three courses in Communication at Teachers College,
          Columbia University.

1961-64   Three intensive teaching seminars in
          Linguistic-Kinesic Context Analysis.  Taught by Ray
          L. Birdwhistell and Albert E. Scheflen at Eastern
          Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute,           
          Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

1964-72   Graduate Study of Anthropology at Columbia
          University.  Ph.D., Spring, 1972.


                      Teaching Experience

1962-68   Lecturer, Columbia University School of the Arts.   
          Course:  Photography of Human Behavior.

1962-65   Lecturer, Columbia University, Department of       
          Anthropology.  Course: Techniques of Micro-cultural

1966      Trainer, Peace Corps Training Conference.  Summer. 
          For Scientific Resources, Inc.

1970-72   Field Faculty, Goddard College graduate degree

1970-72   Appointment as Instructor, Department of Family and
                      Community Education, Teachers College,
          Columbia University.  Courses:

           Interdisciplinary Study of the Family
           Future Alternatives for Marriage and the Family
           Communication with Families Across Culture, Class,
and            Race
           Research Methods:  Structural Analysis and Systems

1971-72   Conducted workshops at second and third annual
          conference on Anthropological Films, Temple

1971-          Special lectures and/or workshops at:
           Bank Street College of Education
           Yale University, Department of Anthropology
           Harvard University
           Massachusetts Institute of Technology
           Bennington College
           Rochester Institute of Technology
           Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, N.Y.
           School of Visual Arts, N.Y.
           Goddard Collge
           Hampshire College, Amherst, Mass.
           Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, N.Y.
           Michigan State University
           Hunter College
           Rockland Community College (N.Y.)
           Queensboro Community College (N.Y.)
           Kingsboro Community College (N.Y.)
           New School for Social Research (N.Y.)
           Queens College (N.Y.)
           Fordham University
           Brooklyn College (N.Y.)
           New York University

1972      Present academic appointment:  Adjunct Associate
          Professor of  Education, Department of Family and
          Community Education, Teachers  College, Columbia


Miscellaneous Involvements

1963      Consultant to research:  "Interethnic Encounters." 
          (Dr. Edward T.  Hall, Principal Investigator. 

1964      Brief Expedition to Cayo Santiago, Puerto Rico, to
          film monkey interaction.

1970      Member, Forum 14 (Changing Family) for White House
          Conference on Children and Youth.

1972      Appointed to editorial board of the Journal of
          Psycholinguistic Research.

1972      Appointed Research Associate, Institute for
          Intercultural Studies.

1976      Appointed to Board of Directors, The Dance Notation
          Bureau, New York City.


Memberships and Awards

1965      Grant from The Edward W. Hazen Foundation for
          preparation of The Small Conference.   See

1965-67   Teaching Fellow, Department of Anthropology,
          Columbia University.

1967-71   Pre-Doctoral Fellow, National Institute of Mental

1970-71   Research grant:  N.I.M.H. 2F01 MH 29,086 - 04.

         Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of
         Fellow, Society for Applied Anthropology.
         Member, American Anthropological Association.
         Member, Society for Transpersonal Psychology.
         Charter member, Eastern Biofeedback Research


Publications (science related only)

1963      "Photography in the University."  In Infinity
          (journal of the Society  of Magazine
          Photographers), Vol. XII, No. 1.

1964      "Still Photography in the Systematic Recording and
          Analysis of Behavioral Data."  In Human
          Organization, Vol. 25, No. 1.  Reprinted in
          Afterimage, (publication of the Visual Studies
          Workshop, Rochester, N.Y.), Vol. 4, No. 10, April
1966 "Cameras Don't Take Pictures." The Columbia University Forum, Vol. 9, No. 1, Winter. Reprinted in Afterimage, Vol. 4, No. 10, April 1977.
1967 "Conference Behavior." (with Margaret Mead) The Columbia University Forum, Vol. 10, No. 2.
1968      The Small Conference:  An Innovation in
          Communication.  (with Margaret Mead)  Mouton:  The

1970      "Nonverbal Communication."  (with Happie Byers)  In
          Cultural Affairs, Summer 1970.

1970      "On Rhythms."  Paper delivered at 69th Annual
          Meeting of the American Anthropologial Association
          in Symposium on Film Analysis.  December.

1971      "Rhythmic Relations of People in Communication." 
          Paper delivered at 70th Annual Meeting of the
          American Anthropological Association in  New York
          City.  November.

1971      "Sentics, Rhythms, and a New View of Man."  Paper
          delivered at the 138th Annual Meeting of the
          American Association for the Advancement of
          Science, Philadelphia.  December 30.  As part of
          Symposium:  Sentics, Brain Function, and Sources of
          Human Values.

1972      "Nonverbal Communication and the Education of
          Children."  (with  Happie Byers)  In Functions of
          Language in the Classroom.  Edited  by Courtney
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          Teachers College Press.

1972      From Biological Rhythm to Cultural Pattern.  Ph.D.
          Dissertation. Department of Anthropology, Columbia

1972      Review of film "Lecture on Kinesics by Ray L.
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          Conference, Nov. 4-7, 1964."  American
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1972      "Sentics and Anthropology."  Paper delivered to the
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1975      "Dimensions of Nonverbal Communication."  In
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1976      "Biological Rhythms as Information Channels in
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1978      Review of The Silent Pulse by George Leonard.     
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1979      "Margaret Mead:  A Remembrance." in Kinesis Vol. 1,
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1982      Chapter 6--"Discussion," in Interaction Rhythms,
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1984-     Yearly two-lecture series at the Gallatin
          Division, New York University: "Gregory Bateson."

1984      "The Fall and Redemption of Science." Paper
          presented at New Ecumenial Research Association
          conference.  Seoul, Korea.  Summer.

1984      Invitational lecture tour in Japan.  "Universal and
          Nonverbal Bases of Human Communication."  Four

1985      "Communication:  Cooperation or Negotiation."     
          in Theory Into Practice. Vol. 24, No. 1.

1985      "Conversation:  a Context for Language."  in Speech
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1985      Public lecture at American Museum of Natural
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