Selections from The Negro family in the United States by Franklin Frazier

Franklin Frazier

The Negro family in the United States

Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 1966 [1948]].

Family desertion among Negroes in cities appears, then, to be one of the inevitable consequences of the impact of urban life on the simple family organization and folk culture which the Negro has evolved in the rural South. (p. 255)

The shanty is black within and without ... A black woman sits on a log, with half-a-dozen small specimens of humanity about her, and of all shades of black, brown, and yellow... 'Where is your husband?' ... 'Dunno, missis, don't care, he may go to de debbil for I know and cares.'" (E. B. Emery Letters from the South, on the Social Intellectual and Moral Condition of the Colored People (Boston, 1880: 9-10) – as quoted by E. F. Frazier p. 256)

"of course, such cases ... are not typical." (p. 257)

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